Sunday, September 14, 2014

No prophets here.

Storm rips through, make it your own

This place has no promise, this place gives no home

A few nights together, many nights I do roam.

No prophets here, no profits here.

Tight as the ocean, bright as the sands

Deep and together, long may I stand.

Deadly and ready, this place gives no home

No profits here, no prophets here.

Monday, December 05, 2011

auto crust

Although it almost seems but obvious that a hand held pizza in any form, be it a pop, pocket or roll, is far superior baked than micro'd. The nuke is fast yes but falves lack. One thing that is un disputable is the fact of kraft dinner being best in potentch aged a day, gives it an auto crust, crusty kraft is the only way.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Monkey's uncle

To truly be a monkey's uncle your sister must first fuck a monkey and birth it's young. Being a monkey's uncle is a rarity destined for wax museums world wide.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Aberdeen to Lerwick, North Sea to Norway. Smoked slamons and lambs. coffee stains my teeth.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

parody idea

I always thought a good parody would be fahKing haLear but I'm not a huge King Lear fan.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

new here we yo

And yes and now and why and no
Now you're gone and now I know
I don't often offer but now I'll say
I can't stay so yes I'll go.
Here I'm gone. out of the way,
this was no plan so let's try to stand.

Shakey knees and bendy feet,
Hanging on 8th street another black beat.
Done and down and in and gone,
no swan no song
no swan no song
No plan to go might as well be gone.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


When life gives you lemons some people make lemonade; I prefer to cut the lemons into wedges and use them to add a squeeze of lemon to a gin and soda.

The three main types of fall's in life i believe are 1)Fall the season, 2)Falling asleep, 3)Falling down. How many people in the history of life on the plant have ever fallen down during fall because they fell asleep? I bet not very many.

I firmly believe sleeping on a set schedule is not normal but rather people would live much better lives if we just took naps as needed. The problem here is that this is not an option for the general working class. Really when you think about it most things in the modern world revolve around people mainly sleeping from 9 or 10pm until 6am. It'd be great to have a reversal week where eveyone slept from 8am until 2pm instead and then went abot their business. Waking up and going to sleep during daylight hours as well as seeing the sun both set and rise all in the same 24hour period.

Why do people sometimes say "if I tell you I'm going to have to kill you" that's so fucking about this one.
TINNY: "If I tell you I'm going to have to kill you"
JIM BOB: "If you don't tell me I'm going to have to kill you!"

I wonder why I have never heard nor seen that line in a film or song? I will write a song entitled "if you don't tell me I'm going to have to kill you", likely could be a great song that no one will likely ever hear; likely.

It's great when songs kick in on an off beat, I really like that. There's a super chill one called 'Donau Movies' by The White Birch, fucking killer killer song and super amazing album. I have tired to find that album on vinyl for almost four years with no avail...One day I suppose. Not sure what it is about vinyl i love so much...Maybe because the sound is amazing and it seems so much more tangable than a CD and especially an mp3...I would say I've got maybe 150 or so records..all sorts of music types..some fro mthe 40's some as new as released last week...some balck ones, clear ones, blue ones, green ones, orange, purple, marbleized...

a month or so ago i have the worst travel schedule really possible i think for modern times... I flew 45 mins had a 10min layover, then flew 13 hours, had a 40 min layover, then flew 11.5 hours and finally had a six hour was in Singapore I had the long layover. Was pretty boring at first because it was like 2am and the place was dead but it turned out to be awesome because we drank Tiger beer and did shots of Kirsch and by the time it was time to fly to Indonesia the place started getting busy and we all had a good buzz, was a fun time I guess in the end. Air Singapore is great, lots of movies and free drinks. The food was weird but pretty ok for airplane food.

I bet the day will come that society will recon a Christmas tree should be called a holiday tree. That'd be a sad day...